Peter Bagge comic about protesters

"Diversity? All I see is a bunch of middle class college educated white people! Oh well, we can always pretend..."
"Can't I loathe both sides equally? Where's the 'they can ALL go to hell' booth? I want to volunteer!"
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13 Responses:

  1. hfx_ben says:

    Like a sulking teenager, you've no capacity for nuanced thought.

    Long / short, no matter how rich, a hi-tech wanker is just a hi-tech jerkoff by another name.

    • jwz says:

      You are incomprehensible as always.

      • hfx_ben says:

        Nope ... and you saying so doesn't make it so ... you know that already, of course.

        But thanks for the link to Bagge's cartoon ... that stuff demands a good airing ... his snide superior sneering and what he's sneering at as well.
        (FWIW, I cut my dreads 10 days ago, I got so sick of the phonies and wannabes ... that's three haircuts since '73.)

        • ciphergoth says:

          No, when he last pointed out how indecipherable everything you wrote was, I actually went back through his journal and checked, and it's true, neither head nor tail can be made of a single word you write. The first line of the comment I'm replying to is the first comprehensible string of words I've seen from you.

          • hfx_ben says:

            "neither head nor tail can be made of a single word you write."
            Bull ... sorry to see cuddling up to jwz does this to people's brains.

            • ronbar says:

              I'm cooler than you, I get a haircut EVERY MONTH OR TWO.

              Or wasn't that your point? It's hard to tell.

              • hfx_ben says:

                It's /arguably/ hard to tell ... like plausible deniable. Though why someone would want to /pretend/ thickness is beyond me. (It isn't, of course ... just plain old fashion passive-aggression.)

      • mother of god, there's ANOTHER one!!!

        • p3rlm0nk says:

          maybe jwz has multiple-personality disorder and this actually
          the /dev/random side of his brain? I've heard that is
          a risk when you do too much Xlib programming.

          "Stare deep into the abyss, and the abyss looks deep into you."

  2. flipzagging says:

    I've been meaning to journal a conversation I had with a die-hard peace activist, who claimed to have visited Iraq recently. Long story short, the phrase "useful idiot" leapt to mind.

    Where's the booth for "The Bush administration are being such tyrannical fuck-ups that the world almost prefers Saddam"?

  3. hfx_ben says:

    "Like l m n o p ... what fool would fuck with /this/ diversity?!"

    Or we could all celebrate the actuality, that's always an option.

    (If I said "People's Park", I wonder who's gag instinct would kick in.)

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