Mach, Warp, whatever

bifrosty2k found:

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  1. ralesk says:

       EGADS! o.o

  2. slv says:

    Einstein suxxx

  3. volkris says:

    If only my relativistic physics professor had a sense of humor...

  4. mattlazycat says:

    Holy shit! Maybe it tore a hole in time and space then .. er.. collided with its own mass. Right.

    More candidates for the audio-cock skull-fucking machine. Will someone get on and invent that? I need the royalties so I can drink myself into a stupour; I don't want to be compus for Columbia: The Nation in Mourning, or Columbia: Righteous Outrage, and definitely not for Columbia: The Grief-Merchandise Industry.

  5. klarfax says:

    lol, thanks!

  6. gile says:

    Ah CNN. What a reliable news source. Always correct, unlike Fox News.

  7. dingodonkey says:

    Pfft, it should be obvious now that NASA has discovered a means of time travel and that this shuttle began crashing six years from now.

    I mean, CNN said so.

  8. kyronfive says:

    WHO is that stupid?????

  9. forthdude says:

    During one of Dittemore's press conferences on CNN they transcribed part of what he said as "SHUTTLE TRAVELING AT MOCK 18"

    • dingodonkey says:

      If you want some great (and pathetic, for that matter) errors in grammar/spelling/general literacy, actually read those annoying-as-hell scrollers at the bottom of any of the major networks.

      I think CNN hires immigrant typists.

    • cryllius says:

      Was that by any chance shown on the closed-captioning instead of openly? Whenever you want a laugh, read the CC text for any live broadcast. I imagine they use some sort of automatic word-completion scheme to be able to keep up with what's said, because you get errors like that constantly. Not just phonetic spellings, but words that merely start off similar and then completely diverge.

      • forthdude says:

        It was shown openly (same as "18 times the speed of light" text above). It was paraphrased and about a minute behind whatever was being said.

        CNN - bringing levity to news reporting since 1980...

      • zagg says:

        CC stuff can be very classic some times. Words used to replace another word that has a completly different meaning than the word said.

  10. batmite2000 says:

    Definitely a college graduate! <grin>

  11. bifrosty2k says:

    Apparently they read JWZ's LJ from poland or something.

    I've gotten 25201 hits for that one damn photo :)