let the photoshopping begin!


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  1. So, you want to arrange a kidnapping? Here's how. First, track down a source of chloroform. Impersonate a doctor at your local hospital. Making a phonecall just beforehand may add credence to your identity - let them know that other people are expecting you to be there before you turn up.

    Make sure you cover the victim's mouth and nose securely. Wear normal, casual clothes like jeans and a T-shirt to allay suspicion and allow you to get close to your target.

    Wash any residual chloroform off your hands before placing the ransom phonecall. You don't want to fall asleep on the phone, do you?

    Sit back and watch the news of your abduction in the media. This may take a while.

    If it doesn't look like you're going to get your ransom money, organ harvesting for medical research is always a lucrative option.

  2. tangaroa says:

    ...Italian? It's in a French museum! You must be a French Commie sympathizer! Arrest him!

    • You're just lucky it's not a boat. New Zealanders don't have a very good history when it comes to the Evil Commie French (and recently [Swiss-]Italians) and boats...

  3. belgand says:

    As much as I wish my thought balloons were handy enough to contain biohazard symbols I thought it meant that people carrying biological agents in aerosol cans should go this way. Like we got to get on the plane even before the first class people, let alone the kids and cripples.

    The second one seemed t omake me think that the radiation symbol was hiding behind a door waiting for the guy. Omniously, but also with a bit of fun attached... like the kind of practical joke where you set a friend on fire and then laugh about it later. The lines are thus both a knocking/doorbell type sound to get the guy to open the door (it is also, however, lying in wait) as well as the "deadly radiation lines".

  4. unabomber says:

    Huff paint before going to a Biohazard concert!

  5. greyhame says:

    idlewords has done a few.
    Ready.gov: Helping America Prepare For Fiery Death.

  6. devpreed says:

    On this note, you may appreciate these: round 1 and round 2.

  7. jwz says:

    When memes collide!

    Now, see, the problem with this is that it doesn't contain a cheesy soundtrack. Someone needs to extend the GIF format to allow embedded audio. It should support only 8-bit mu-law.