The Horror of Blimps

The Horror of Blimps:

"I always knew this was going to happen. I always knew that skepticism and science were mere psychological decorations and vanities. Deep in our alligator brains we all know that the world is just chock full of evil and monsters and sinister forces aligned against us, and it is only a matter of time until they show up. Evolution know this, too. It knows what to do when the silent terror comes at you from out of the dark."
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DNA Lounge:

I'm still baffled as to how people manage to do this. The only place the various email addresses like are listed is on the Contact page, and nowhere on that page does it say anything about beta1-adrenergic receptors.

Subject: About DNA Sequencing Order
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 20:09:19 +0800
From: =?gb2312?.......=?= <>
To: <>

Dear Professor :

Can you test the whole DNA sequence of beta1-adrenergic receptor? Can you determine whether there is gene mutation in the DNA sequence and the positions of the mutation?

We prepared the sample as follows, is it acceptable?

  1. the DNA is abstracted using QIAGEN (DNA Blood Mini Kit) reagent box
  2. the sample is original DNA
  3. the DNA is dissolved in TE (Tris-HCL and EDTA)
  4. the volume of the sample is 350ul

What is the temperature required for preserving the samples?

There are 1434 (478 multiply 3) base pairs in beta1-adrenergic receptor. How much does it cost to test the whole DNA sequence of beta1-adrenergic receptor and determine the mutation positions? How much should we pay at the time of delivering sample?

Could you tell me your post address, postcode, phone number and the receiver for sending sample? In which way will you notify me the testing result?

My contact information is as follows:
Telephone: 86-755-########

eagerly waiting for your answer
Ms. Xxx Xxxx, Shenzhen, China

I'm sure I've only made it worse by posting this message, thus providing more fodder for people Googling us for things we don't do.