The Daily Adventures of Mixerman - A Documentary

The Daily Adventures of Mixerman - A Documentary

This is a fascinating diary by a manipulative control-freak audio engineer who is recording a first album for some anonymous band who has been chosen to be the Next Big Thing by the record company powers-that-be. It's a tale of barely contained rage at incompetence, plus lots and lots of technical details, and I'm totally hooked!


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  1. bdu says:

    yup, I've been reading it since week1, not many updates lately though.

    At AES this year, people were wearing buttons proclaiming to be various people in the story... quite amusing.

  2. bdu says:

    oh, and in case you didn't know, the latest stuff is here

  3. altamira16 says:

    A lot of people I know feel that they have reached the end of the net, as if they have seen everything that is of interest out there. But you always seem to find interesting things that are new to me.

  4. kju says:

    Oh my god. That is a fucking car crash.

    Can't. Stop. Reading.

  5. waider says:

    A few people claimed to have figured out various persons in the journals; certianly there's enough detail thrown in to make it an easy enough task for the determined snooper - how many bands, recording in LA, have their drummer incapacitated in that particular way, and so on. Others claim it's merely a "best-of" collection of recording studio stories. One thing I've gotten from it is a good explanation for the difference between the sound of, say, Blink 182 on disc - perfect harmonies, really clear sound, etc. - and the same band live, where there seems to be little correlation between the people on stage and the music I was expecting to hear.

  6. abates says:

    It's the Bastard Operator From Hell meets Bad News!

    If it's fiction, it's brilliant. :)

  7. giles says:

    I have now achieved levels of productivity unheard of since I discovered True Porn Clerk Stories. Damn you, sir.

  8. nosrialleon says:

    Be sure to catch the exiting new film coming soon to a theater near you!!!

    I started reading it at about week 5. By week 7, I stopped caring whether it was real or not - it's just hilarious.