Spot the GIFerence

Even better than "Female or Shemale!"

Spot the GIFerence: Are these kittens GIF or JPG?


8 Responses:

  1. ralesk says:

       13/16 :}  I loved this one!

       Down with JPEG artifacts!

  2. supersat says:

    16/16! I'm anal about image quality. :P

  3. nichiyume says:

    12/16 im starting to slack

  4. slithytove says:

    11 out of 16. I suck rocks.

  5. dingodonkey says:


    Now how about Spot the GIFerence II: GIF or PNG?

  6. hfx_ben says:

    Y'all are going to enjoy the PhotoTest and PhotoTest2 at the Hoax Museum [I got 6/10 and 5/10.] BTW I think the JScript on these pages deserve notice.

  7. jlindquist says:

    Does it make a difference in what it takes to kill them? >:-)