she's positively *Jacksonian*

Apparently this is Britney Spears spitting gum out her limo window:

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  1. greyhame says:

    Jacksonian? I'm not sure. Neither looks alive, but Jacko looks undead--a great deal like his zombie self in "Thriller", in fact, but paler--while Spears is just indistinguishable from a RealDoll.

    • nachtfalke says:

      I think the RealDoll has the better makeup, which is a distinguishing feature.

      • communista says:

        The RealDoll doesn't talk, either. To make Britney tolerable you pretty much need to turn the sound down on your TV/Radio.

        • vxo says:

          The Realdoll isn't that shiny. (at least not from the pics on the website)

          My only thought on this: Britney now Turtle Waxes herself to avoid her skin drying out or being damaged by atmospheric pollution.

          Oh yes, and she deserves slow and painful death in my book for spitting gum on the streets. Ever stepped in gum and had it REFUSE to come out of your shoes until you repeatedly froze it with the propellant from one of those "canned air" dusters? ... that shows my reasoning right there. BRITNEY, YOU GO SQUISH

  2. susano_otter says:

    Looks more like Devine, to me...

  3. For the non-francophones:
    "Say what you will, these American gals lack class.
    While sitting in her limousine after dinner in a New York restaurant, Britney Spears can't find anything better to do than to spit her gum out the window.
    However, she does have good intentions: there's always a delighted fan close by to get down on his knees for this sort of treasure.
    There, she already chewed it for him."

  4. Damn, that is nasty! Eww, she's wearing my pageboy cap too. Don't I feel illustrious?

  5. pjammer says:

    that photo is just begging to be photoshopped into something obscene ... :P