I hate you, slashdork.

I woke up to 95 new messages. I assumed cron or syslog had gone nuts. But no: each one is a personalized, heartfelt flame from some bleating knee-jerk linux apologist. I hate you, Slashdork.

Part of me knows I should just delete them all unread, but like a car crash, I cannot look away.

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31 Responses:

  1. pexor says:

    Tell them you support the SCO lawsuit.

  2. icis_machine says:

    so which one of the lucky fanboys will be begging for a job cleaning your underwear next week?

  3. malokai says:

    shit, it must suck to have a respected opinion by the mass populace, even if it is /.

    • jwz says:

      So far the replies have not tended toward the positive end of the spectrum, so I'm not sure "respected opinion" is quite the phrase you were looking for.

      • malokai says:

        no, prolly not.

      • hfx_ben says:

        Those who made the effort to make sense (and there were a good few) are probably thinking along the same lines ... and that has to be a Good Thing.

  4. nester says:

    I saw the news item on Slashdot.. via proxy of co-worker.. I thought it was pretty amusing..

  5. feren says:

    When I saw the "JWZ Reviews Video on Linux" listed on Slashdot this morning I was wondering how the fallout would be.

    I hope that you'll share some of the more inept flamage with us.

  6. ciphergoth says:

    I haven't much tried playing video files under Linux, but I have encountered all of the problems you mention in other contexts and I agree 100%. In particular "skins" can fuck off - give me the "like a normal bloody application using normal widgets" skin. What the hell is it with skins? How much wasted time and code has gone into making, for example, GTK "themeable"?

    Incidentally, one of the Slashdoteers mentioned a Carbon-based Emacs; based on FSF-Emacs rather than XEmacs, but it doesn't require X11.


    • hfx_ben says:

      I think "What the hell is it with skins?" comes close to being incisive; isn't it the point that most fucktards diddle around, and so don't give a damn about productivity? ("Get another distribution" ... spoken like someone with no cred to blow.) Point being, the prevalent memes seem to be all about sizzle, not about steak. Gawd, the time I've wasted fighting Moz's bookmarks!! (Ooh ... I keep hearing good things about Apple!).

      But JwZ's comments weren't essentially about aesthetics, chillun ... recognize:
      "It moves the mouse to the upper left corner of every dialog box it creates! Which is great, because that means that when it gets into this cute little state of popping up a blank dialog that says "Error" five times a second, you can't even move the mouse over to another window to kill the program, you have to log in from another machine."

      Kafka-esque, no?

      p.s. InfoWorld's poll: "What is your favorite Linux distribution for the desktop?"

  7. iamblue says:

    Yeah, I went from Windows to Linux (RedHat 3.2 in the old days) then to FreeBSD, now MacOSX. I made all those changes for all the reasons you stated. Windows was to unstabe, Linux was a childs toy where you could theme everything and pretend your cool because you compiled a kernel. FreeBSD was the first OS where I would actually get things done, for work no less. Then I got hooked on MacOSX where I can do everything I want, video/audio a few games. Even OSX has it's shortcomings, such as really bad web browsing and a lack of decent freee email clients. Oh well, I guess some day someone will get it right eventually.

    Ignore the slashdot folks. I always do. I've been going there so long I have a 4 digit user ID while everyone else has 9 or more.

  8. rpkrajewski says:

    ...for having an independent opinion !

  9. neschek says:

    Have you looked at the thread? Pump up the threshold to 4 or so and you'll find that a lot of the comments agree with you -- it's just that those people are not the people who are typically mailing you misspelled fl4m3z.

  10. gile says:

    The remarks along the lines of "shut the fuck up and use Windows" are especially amusing. Because speaking your opinion is perfectly fine, as long as it fits in with the common RMS-brainwashed (or are they just all blind lunix fanboys?) opinion of the slashdork fuckmonkeys.

    Complaints about doing it for page views are great, considering that it doesn't look like you wanted to be on slashdot. All of them should be hit with a big audio-cock.

    Being a jwz fanboy, my opinion may just be a bit skewed.

    • jwz says:

      If only one good thing comes of this, I hope it's that the phrase "audio-cock technology" makes it into the vernacular.

    • arafel2 says:

      While I'm surprised Jamie got as many flames as it sounds like he did (since he's absolutely right wrt video), I'm not sure where RMS comes into anything...

      Sounds mainly like people getting emotionally involved with the platform/software. It's not like it's a new phenomenon. :)

  11. dingodonkey says:


    It just doesn't get any better than this... Apparently, you really really want nothing more than an inbox full of worthless drivel. The rampant ignorance astounds me...

  12. betternewthings says:

    the linuxombie attitude is precisely what drove me out of the computer industry and my desktop back into the loving arms of mother bill.

  13. bdu says:

    It all boils down to this really:

    If you don't care about making sure your shit can be used by anyone but yourself, then don't bother giving it out because chances are a large portion of the population *can't* use it. Arguing that someone who is having trouble with software YOU distributed should STFU or customize it for their needs is uniquely linuxian and incredibly shortsighted.

    It's moving further away from the strictly DIY platform it used to be, and apparently many of it's developers are NOT along for the ride.

    Stupid /.ers.

  14. hfx_ben says:

    I just plowed through a week's history for this ... dunno that the connections is obvious ... kind of a seque on "That's what makes you special", I suppose ... Emerson's words were "Everywhere you go you take your giant with you."

    Superior / Inferior (lousy title) reads in part: "No matter how we try to suppress our problems with Industrial Age techniques, they reemerge in different dress or form, more complex and virulent than ever. Something is deeply, fundamentally wrong."

  15. flipzagging says:

    Pilloried for just stating the obvious. And it's doubly amusing that a lot of the Slashdotters ask who is this johnny-come-lately called "jwz".

    I'm more glass-half-full with Linux. Linux video does suck, harder than any other platform. And the mplayer developers take arrogance to new heights. But it is progress to be able to say that Linux video sucks, which implies there's something good enough to criticize.

    Assuming that somebody can break through this mindset. The newest iteration of the Gnome website is an exercise in denial. The headline: Computing Made Easy. The Gnome logo is made to look all polished-silvery and they've appropriated what was Apple's signature typeface until recently. A little envy, maybe?

  16. inoshiro says:

    Most of the people on /. love to sit around and do nothing other than tinker with their PCs. Heck, I can find it fun sometimes. But when you just want to sit down and have stuff work easily, well, these people will rip you a new orifice because you want to work, rather than prepare for work for 9 or 12 hours. Kinda like the people who, on software projects, want to take 3 weeks or so to update a part of the design (rather than ship something on time and debugged).

    I use mplayer without a GUI at all, moving /usr/local with me when I upgrade (once a year at most). Once in a while I have to recompile it, but I keep all related files in an install folder that I just "make clean; make; sudo make install" from if it's incompatible. Hopefully I can afford a Mac soon :)

  17. rzr_grl says:

    And since ninety-five weren't enough, you posted this to get just a few more, eh?

  18. jerronimo says:

    Yeah... the typical reaction from them reminded me of my own brush with either the LJ development team or the MAME development team (or supporters).

    Their basic thing is; if you're not willing or able to help them write the code, they could care less about your suggestions.

    My problems with livejournal were the inept clustering methods, and lack of distributibilty.

    My problem with MAME is that it is a monolithic, immense, poorly designed hack of code that doesn't even provide the information that their mission statement says that its primary goal is. "To preserve the original hardware." yeah. right. Mame lets you play the old games. In no way can you simulate a problem with a 74LS244 on the video board of a "Pole Position" game.

    But I got the "if you can't do something better, shut the f' up." Which is okay, since I don't have the background that you do... so I sat down and designed out better solutions for both of these. I've got a Modular arcade emulator design, and I'm working on a completely distributed journaling software design too.

    I just wish i had the time to implement the f'ers. heh.

    • rpkrajewski says:

      I just wish i had the time to implement the f'ers. heh.

      The quantity that moves around the most in software developmentt is time. You either pay for the time, steal the time, or exchange the time with others. It's why good-enough implementations and projects by insular tribes survive in the open-source world.

      • jerronimo says:

        yep... and unfortunately, there is never enough time...

        My feeling though is that if they're going to blatantly advertise their intentions on their main page (http://www.mame.net/) ("Even though MAME allows people to enjoy the long-lost arcade games and even some newer ones, the main purpose of the project is to document the hardware (and software) of the arcade games") If you've worked with their source, or tried to figure out anything about any of the game hardware or software, you'll find that MAME is minimal as this resource at best.

        sorry... needed to vent...