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Police Flee HQ As Man Hands Over Grenade

WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- Winnipeg police have a favor to ask of anyone looking to get rid of a live hand grenade -- don't drop it off at the front desk.

Part of police headquarters was evacuated Monday when Melvin McDonald, 79, showed up the front desk with a World War II grenade he had kept for years as a souvenir. The war veteran said he wanted to get rid of it.

"His opening line was, 'I got a grenade,'" Constable Gerry Bernas said. "I knew he wasn't kidding."

The bomb squad and fire department were called and most of the main floor of the Public Safety Building was evacuated.

McDonald apologized after the bomb squad took the grenade away.

Police asked people with grenades or other explosive to let police come and take the explosives away, rather than dropping them off.

"Please don't drop it off on our front counter," Police Constable Bob Johnson said.


4 Responses:

  1. ivorjawa says:

    He was allowed to apologize, and the police said "Please don't do that again."

    American police would have just shot him. And if they didn't, they would have locked him up for the rest of his life.

  2. phygelus says:

    If you ever have occasion to travel by air with a firearm, the correct words to use at the ticketing counter are "I am checking a firearm."
    Do not walk up to the counter looking confused and apprehensive and say "uhhhh, I have a gun..."
    Practice beforehand if you tend to slip up and blurt things out.


    • kingfox says:

      My brother served on the front lines in Desert Storm (well, Shield back then). He and some other parts of his USMC Division was actually shipped to Saudi Arabia on civilian planes, as they thought Saddam wasn't stopping and they needed to get there NOW.

      So he had the pleasure of sitting in a 757 while wearing grenades, etc. The flight attendant asked, "Sir, would you like me to check your machine gun for you?"

      Now that's not a line to get to hear so calmly said on a flight these days.

    • fo0bar says:

      I have a vague memory of reading a story about a man who owned a semiautomatic and took it on the plane with him in a duffel bag (with no ammo, of course. before 9/11, this was perfectly acceptable if you declared it). So he gets to the ticket counter and announces what he's carrying. The woman behind the ticket counter says he must prove that the gun is not loaded. Mind you, there are hundreds of other people around him. He asks if he can do it in private in front of a security guard so it doesn't alarm anybody, but the woman says "no, that's against our policy". So he takes the gun out of the bag, holding it safely and cocks it back. Of course a few of the other people in the terminal see this and start screaming and running away. Of course this snowballs, chaos reins, the police get involved, and the man is detained for several hours while they figure out what happened.