Firefly well and truly dead says:

"We have received confirmation from a source at 20th Century Fox that UPN has passed on Firefly. Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support." (Fox had already cancelled it, and apparently their last hope was to get UPN to pick it up.)


10 Responses:

  1. fo0bar says:

    I'd say they should next try with SciFi, Telemundo and the WB... in that order. :)

    • jorm says:

      It would be the perfect thing for Sci-Fi to have in its stable, but they'll pass. They're more interested in really bad remakes of the "Dune" series.

  2. malokai says:

    thats what they get for making a western.

    (an interesting show, bad time slot, and too intelligent for the masses)

  3. atakra says:

    I'm sure that the three fans who lobbied to get that miserable program saved are eating at Chucky Cheese and lamenting what "could have been" while we speak...

    • jwz says:

      I'm trying to have a lower opinion of your taste, I really am.

      • atakra says:

        whatever, shoot-em-up-bang-bang.

        Geez, just go get the entire series of "V", "Battlestar Galactica", and "Space 1999" instead!

        Oh wait, I lived those years of bad eighties sci-fi...

        • jorm says:

          Speaking of bad 80's teevee:

          Today, my TiVo (man's best friend, better than a dog) decided that it would be fun to record a couple episodes of "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" this morning. Gleefully, I sat down to watch - and then was appalled at how utterly bad it was. Completely surreal plots that jumped from point to point with no cohesion.

          But when back in 1980 or so it was amazing.

          Now I'm scared about finding out that "Thundaar the Barbarian" was horrible, too.

      • fieldsnyc says:

        I watched the first five minutes of a episode, and gave up. Did it get any better than "Oh no, we're in space. We're playing basketball. How revolutionary. Who's flying the ship? We can't act."?

        Granted, I found it so unwatchable that I didn't give it much chance, but it didn't seem to really be science fiction at all, just glossy TV set in space.

  4. rin3y says:

    Oh goody. Now that they've gotten rid of that pesky "good show", they have a free timeslot for Fastlane. Whoopee.