dnalounge update

DNA update plus photos.

4 Responses:

  1. atakra says:

    Ick, I thought Claire Voyant was simply boring, but liked Grendel and God Module.
    And of course the kareoke aspect was too funny.

    Of course I went to see the Mutants earlier and they were much more entertaining than all the bands at the DNA that night.

  2. bitwise says:

    Google currently has no hits for "Cookie Monster Karaoke". Fun things that come to mind:
    - someone should name a band that.
    - better yet, dub real Sesame Street Cookie Monster clips over crap industrial music.
    - start googlebombing DNA with CMK links.
    - make up fake CMK posters/flyers. Post them when crap industrial bands play. Subtle insider joke or something.