dnalounge update

DNA Lounge update, featuring hippies, the DEA, our dear departed wireless dish, the usual assortment of computer nightmares, and, uh, other logorrhea.
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  1. icis_machine says:

    this is you best update ever. it has it all: hippies, drugs, the government, dumb people

  2. jon says:

    Concerning the BIOS update stuff:

    My old roommate went through something like that a few years back. As I recall, that emergency jumper thing won't work if you have both CPUs installed (so pull one of them out first). Also, he had to use an ISA VGA card; PCI / AGP devices weren't supported.

    I think this was with an Award or AMI BIOS.

    Why we still need to know these thing, I do not understand.

  3. candid says:

    One of my classmates in math school was the smelliest guy I'd ever met. He would enter a hallway, and I -- in my office at the other end of the hallway -- could smell that it was him. He was a nice guy (and a good friend) so we engaged in a campaign of unrelenting shame:

    We started calling him "Stinky" and constantly berated him to take shower. "Jesus, Stinky, you fucking reek!"

    After about two months, it finally sunk in, and his hygiene improved to the point where I was willing to share an office with him.

    Never underestimate the power of shame.

  4. communista says:

    There's a guy that works in a grocery store near my apartment who smells worse than any dirty hippie I've ever smelled at a Phish concert. I can't even tell what rotting thing he smells like. It's seriously enough to make me gag, and has done so before. His managers don't seem to mind or care, he's been there about a year.

    When I was a supervisor at a call center there was an employee who smelled like dirty clothes, BO and sour milk. Craptacular, I tell you. We would send him home (or try to) on several occassions because of it. Usually he'd just go to his car, pull out an equally nasty shirt and/or cruise the cologne isle at Wally World. That was worse, because he smelled like cologne and ass.

    How can that not bother them?? Are they spiteful?

  5. ronbar says:

    Our advanced ticket sales have been pretty low, which is disappointing to me mostly because it means a lot of you are not trusting me when I tell you that this will be a great show! So, show up, 'k?

    If I lived in SF, I wouldn't be buying advance tickets if you said an act was really good because you have really weird tastes which mostly don't jibe with mine.

    If you offered refunds to people with advanced purchase tickets who don't like a show within the first ~10 minutes after they arrive, you'd probably get more advanced ticket sales. If you make the customers eat the ticket transaction cost of a few bucks on refunds, you're not out anything except a little extra staff time. And who knows, maybe they'll buy a drink or two while they're deciding if they like the show.

    • atakra says:

      The only reason I haven't bought a ticket is because I saw her last time at the DNA. It was a good show, but I'll most likely pass this time. Maybe if she did a night of the reggae crap, and a night of the more wacky material without the reggae crap...

      I'd be more interested in the night without it...