Customer lovin' from Quark

I know (as do many of you) this sad couple who still have not abandoned MacOS 9, because they publish a magazine, and their entire lives are in Quark. It appears things won't be getting better soon: The CEO of Quark told a room full of customers at an executive briefing "that 'the Macintosh platform is shrinking,' and that 'publishing is dying.' He suggested that anyone dissatisfied with Quark's Mac commitment should 'switch to something else,' although he insisted that making the move to Adobe's long-Carbonized InDesign package is 'committing suicide.'" As Merlin wrote, "Yeah, so all you dumbasses that talked your boss into shitcanning PageMaker in favor of our hard-to-use, never-upgraded software a few years back: Psych! So long, suckers!"
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  1. chanson says:

    Fortunately, more and more printers are accepting (and even asking outright for) PDF files, and Adobe InDesign will generate ready-to-output PDF files just fine. This is going to be the bit of customer-love that finally does Quark in. Especially when combined with Adobe's relative sanity when it comes to how it treats its customers. (They're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination - Adobe acts like pretty much any large software company - but this makes them saints compared to Quark!)