crotchless lycra body suits -- for dogs!

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  1. baconmonkey says:

    Hmm, is Olli Wisdom involved with those at all?

  2. hfx_ben says: offers: "Industrial production of animals garments: garments for winter, summer, spring/autumn, clothes for home; garments made of water-repellent, waterproof, cotton, knitted and other cloth, leather and fur."

    Click for more fotos. Or, don't bother.

    And, to show that there's always /something/ more to be learned:

    Taking the measurements:
    1. The height in withers is measured at the highest point of the withers with the use of a special measurement stick.
    2. The chest circumference is measured with the tape-line. The tape-line is stretched around the chest (at the broadest place, not too tight or too loose), behind the blade bones, near the elbows.

    • baconmonkey says:

      Though it could be worse and this reminded me of Mr. Z's icon - in a really vague sort of way.

      • hfx_ben says:

        Still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and in context of 'kitty in a pouch' above, this is what my brain constructed when my eyes mis-focused on the Z icon above:

        *Random images upon awakening; new method of self-revelation? or is that what mandala are for!*

    • zapevaj says:

      garments made of water-repellent, waterproof, cotton, knitted and other cloth, leather and fur."

      Wait. So why is dressing animals in the hides of their fellow animals okay, but people get all bent outta shape about human-skin clothing?

      • hfx_ben says:

        Can you see it? A chihuahua in gator-skin ...

        • zapevaj says:

          I wanna see a chihuahua in chihuahua-skin. (I mean, extra chihuahua-skin, not its own.)

          Dammit, I want chihuahua-skin clothing. That would rule. It would be interesting to hear people try to explain why wearing cowhide is okay, but chihuahua-hide is not.

          • hfx_ben says:

            One of my shroom induced projects was a book concept: "101 Things to do with Chihuahua". I must admit, I missed this one!
            *my fave involves liquid nitrogen and heavy rollers; pelletized fish-food*

  3. zapevaj says:

    The second one looks like a canine Dee Snider, circa 1987.

  4. hfx_ben says:

    My friends' journal brought me this ... I'll let you look for yourselves.