Chemical Halo

Chemical Halo

"By night, the Eco Halos hover in suspended animation above the busy junctions. Colour changes occur imperceptibly in response to environmental conditions or as programmed by artists. [...]

"The Halos will be solar powered and use a mix of low energy red, blue and green LEDs within a polycarbonate diffuser to create a spectrum of soft glowing colours which will be clearly visible in the daytime. The combination of directional LEDs and a directional diffuser controls night sky light pollution and unwanted light spillage."


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2 Responses:

  1. kazablanka says:

    nice. when are we all getting some? wonderful. does it really control light pollution? does that mean we'll see a couple more stars in the urban sky above?

  2. earle says:

    It's kind of odd to read your journal and see a photograph of my street! How'd you hear about it? I'll take some photos when they've got it up and running.