bicycling to the south pole

[...] Stoup has already made several trips to the South Pole. Last year he was one of three marathon runners to run 26 miles to the pole after being dropped off by helicopter.

He's one of about 100 people who have skied across Antarctica from the coast to the pole. He's climbed the continent's highest peak, and snowboarded down another of them, a feat captured by filmmaker Warren Miller's latest extreme sports movie, Storm, now playing in movie theaters.

"I've done some stuff down here," he said. "So I'm not just a crazy lunatic."

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  1. ralesk says:

    ♫ I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike,
    I want to ride my bicycle,
    I want to ride it where I like ♫

  2. fksche says:

    Warren Miller is the man

  3. kiad says:

    This is the kind of guy I'd like to go on a date with... at the south pole. Purr.... I wonder if he'd admire my cankles. What do you think?

  4. reify says:

    This is interesting... he's legally required to haul his own port-a-potty:

    Stoup is dragging 125 pounds of equipment and supplies on a sled hitched to the back of the bike. He is even carrying his own feces and urine. Antarctica has very strict laws about leaving waste behind.

    I wonder who exactly makes those laws, and how are they enforced? Is the Antarctica county sheriff going to drive by in the chopper and pull you over for littering? Is there some UN agency that spends its time poring over reams of satellite photos looking for little yellow spots amidst the pristine white?

    • abates says:

      You don't really want to leave waste lying around in Antartica... it wouldn't decompose, so... yes... enough said. :)

    • jwz says:

      The Antarctic Treaty

      I know all about this because I just read ``Antarctica'' by Kim Stanley Robinson, which has some interesting trivia but is otherwise not very good.

      Much is also made of the Antarctic Treaty in Robinson's ``Red Mars'' which I'm also halfway though reading even though I really hate it. I haven't given up on it yet only because I find that some nights, this book is the only thing that can make me fall asleep. It's so boring, it's like reading hundreds of pages of product labels.

  5. kookamess says:

    ....Just a redundant lunatic.