"There really is nothing like a shorn swimmer. It's breathtaking."

Swim-team ritual ended after outcry

Campbell officials this week quickly put an end to a longtime ritual among city-sponsored swim teams. Teenage boys and girls will no longer hold coed "shave-downs" at the Campbell Community Center.

The action followed complaints from parents of girls on a 6- through-8-year-old swim team who walked in on teenagers shaving themselves and their teammates in the girls locker room. The teen boys and girls, 14 through 17 years old, are members of the Campbell Wavemakers Senior Division Swim Team. [...]

Dean said one parent told him that his daughter, who is 8, glimpsed one male teen "who found the event stimulating." [...]

The incident took place Jan. 17. In a letter sent to parents on Wednesday, city recreation officials described the incident as "swimmers shaved themselves, with some young swimmers receiving assistance from the older ones." Recreation officials apologized in the letter "to any participant and parents who may have been uncomfortable with the shave-down." [...]

"And I think it's unfortunate that it's going to end," she said of the shaving, "because it's a wonderful team-building event. That's a shame."

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