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Lavalite Town

So this middle-of-nowhere town in Washington got the stupid idea to build a 60+ foot tall Lava Lite in the center of town, to "promote tourism." Now generally, I'd say that's exactly the kind of stupid idea the world needs more of. But I'm unconvinced that it's going to actually look like a lava lite: why would you expect dynamics of the fluid to scale with the size of the bottle? They'll have to find some new mixture for the goop that has a melting point and density that is tuned to the gigantic bottle, and it's not obvious that that's even possible.

Plus, the thing's going to take a hellacious amount of juice: it will take no small amount of heat to keep hundreds of tons of wax in liquid form. Would one even be able to stand anywhere near the glass? Doubtful...

(I've given a lot of thought to lava.)

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Gulf War Flash Game

Gulf War 2 (aka World War 2.5)

"This is a projection of the most likely outcome of a new war in the Gulf. I used sophisticated temporal algorithms and historical semiotic analysis to achieve an accuracy rating of 99.999%. It's the mother of all Flash games."
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DNA Lounge:

Ok, I lied, I couldn't resist taking a picture of the new benches anyway. These are they:

Nina Hagen and David J pictures are up! As mentioned last time, Angela has started getting photo CDs made at PhotoWorks instead of at Wolf, and they're way better quality (though it takes a week to get them back instead of a day.) The CDs we got from PhotoWorks for the Incredibly Strange Wrestling show were good, but that was relatively brightly lit event, so we weren't totally sure. But the Nina Hagen show was typically dark, and they still came out good. So, yay.