oh no, soap! bring some dirt to put it out!

So apparently one of my giant "I-hate-grocery-stores"-sized drums of liquid laundry detergent had a small leak in it. I vaguely recall rzr_grl mentioning this to me. Uh. A week or two ago. So of course it's all over my laundry room floor, and even after sopping it up with the conveniently-located dirty clothes, the floor's still all slippery. And I can't even get the shit off my hands, since laundry soap is so much more oily than hand-soap is. Yuck!

Fortunately the leaky container was sitting atop some big plastic storage boxes, and most of the puddle made its way into one of the boxes (though of course enough dribbled down the side to coat the floor pretty evenly.) So I've got this 3' plastic box with about half a gallon of viscous blue goo in it. What do I do? Well, I get a cup and I scoop it back into the other (un-punctured) laundry detergent bottle, of course! How ghetto is that? I felt a little silly doing it, but I told myself "every cup you scoop is two more weeks that you can put off going back to the store."

You might be shocked and amazed to know that my laundry room does double duty as the place to stack all kinds of useless junk, the bottom of which is now also sticky (yet, in some sense, very, very clean.) I should probably just call in an air strike and burn the room to the ground, but the B Option is also looking pretty attractive ("if I can't easily see or reach the puddle of detergent, it's probably not really there.")

Oh, and that box? It had been used for Burning Man transport, so now there's lint and Playa dust in the soap bottle. But that's ok, right, because soap is, by definition, clean.

It's days like this that I feel deeply unqualified for adulthood.

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As Authorized by The Telecommunication Breakdown Act of 1995

Activating the EBN

How can I activate the Emergency Broadcast Network?

When requesting to activate the EBN you will need to send your request to emergency@church-of-christ.org. All requests must include a detailed report listing the specific reasons for activating the EBN. Each request must first be approved by your local church elders before submitting it to EBN. If the local church does not have an eldership then the request must be approved by the local church membership before submitting it to EBN for world broadcast. Your request must include the name of the person making the request along with the name of congregation, e-mail address, telephone number and mailing address of your church. If applicable, the names of the local preacher and church elders including their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers will be required. Once the EBN is activated any church leader or church member connected to EBN will be able to post news and messages regarding the emergency.

[*] see also http://www.guerrillanews.com/ebn/

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