Run DMC action figures! Tron lego!

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  1. cyantist says:

    I have that light cycle in my office. They come with light trails too and make great book ends.

  2. jerronimo says:

    hehe. I have that Kubrick set with the recognizer and the lightcycle. :D

    (Also all of the light cycles from the recent re-release of the TRON toys.)

    They're all in my office. :D

    • jerronimo says:

      oop. meant to link them


      • nrr says:

        Jesus man. You have a collection of nostalgic crap in your office. It makes me almost cry to see it all.

        Then, of course, you have the Blade 1000 and the TiBook to ruin the feeling.

        • jerronimo says:

          well, as much as I love the stuff from the 80's, it's just not practical to do current work on. ;)

          If it was, i'd probably have my Amiga 1000 on my desk instead of the Blade. ;)


          • nrr says:

            BTW, what kind of work do you do that requires such a beefy machine? Realtime SSL cracking?

            And, uh, it isn't just straight hex. There's a (very) simple encryption method in there, too; almost as simple as rot13. It'll take you a little while to figure out. It also spells a dictionary word.

            • jerronimo says:

              We do software simulations of frying hamburgers.

              nah. just software development for Solaris/SunOS, but there was a *really* good deal on the blade 1000's.

              and i figured there was some simple encryption in there, but i got lazy. ;)

              • nrr says:

                You know what? My encryption is flawed. I screwed up. It should be 'Iohhvjtjm' instead of 'Iohhvjvkn'. Yarr. Anyway, if you want to see how it's done, go here.

                I really envy you, though. I want a Sun Blade workstation. Well, either that or an Alpha. Something other than this stupid x86 POS sounds really good right about now; this thing is a total hackjob.

      • cyantist says:

        I'm so jealous of the Tron game in the corner. JEALOUS.

        • jerronimo says:

          I'd have the fullsize machine in there instead, but it takes up too much room. (so it's left in my garage. :[ )

          if you're ever in the rochester, NY area, you're more than welcome to drop on by and play it. :)

  3. baconmonkey says:

    hmm, they have a shop on Haight.

    "yo, yo, yo! DJ relive-your-youth in the hause!"