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Turns out Barry has like six Mac Classics.

He says we can set up a tower of them in the club if we can find any interesting screensaver-like software to run on them. (But clocks are a bad idea, as they just encourage the "what do you mean last call?" argument.) (Live fish would also be a bad idea, due to deadness.)


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  1. mattlazycat says:

    Matrix-esque falling text? Especially if you figure out a way to make it fall "down" even when the macs are embedded in walls at funny angles or lying in a heap or something. Futuristic retro-chic. Could work.Could also cheat and show video output from another source, so your net terminals in the club look like classic macs. Frankenputers.Black & white ascii art animation? What about that star-wars asciimation thing? Would that even fit on the disks?Strobe lights! Draw some wacky pattern and invert the palette lots. Or.. er.. not!Back to asciimation ... if you time it just right (pretending for a moment that they don't have horrendous clock trouble), you could have the animation jump across computers like the water features at disneyland.Mac Classic equivalent of: Fake SETI@home clients. With occasional fake extraterrestrials. You'll leave the geeks twitching and wondering at the genius that could get a Mac classic onto a network.Stick-figure death theatre!

  2. baconmonkey says:

    I'm sure there are some old Mac games out there that you could have run on them.

  3. linearb says:

    There's a ton of old a-life programs that ran on system 6.x and 7.x. Some of the pages which host them are down. Here's one that isn't:

  4. shaver says:

    Multi-node lava lamp? If the software took into account the inter-display spacing imposed by the cases when figuring cross-screen drip/float, it could look pretty interesting.

    And then you can embed subtle messages in it, like the phallic ice used in all those booze ads!

    • jwz says:

      Data archaeology is one thing, but I think you're actually suggesting that I write software for a ten year old computer.

      You must really hate me.

  5. teferi says:

    if no live fish, whether real or simulated, why not skeletal ones?

  6. icis_machine says:

    trying to keep it vegas style?
    why not dress the staff funny while you're at it?

  7. jerronimo says:

    Flying Toasters!

    I can make you a 800k or 1.4mb mac boot disk with an ancient copy of after dark/flying toasters screensaver if you like.

    I'd suggest using the "Satori" screensaver module, but that needs 256 colors to run, and classics are all 2 color. :(

    I have an old Powerbook Duo 280c in my office whose only job is to run "Satori", right next to my lava lamp and my "Lite-Brite-in-a-Mac-Plus-Shell"


  8. _dav_ says:

    Write a simple chess program that lets people use them to play chess (perhaps networked). When no ones playing replay previous games for the screensaver part.

  9. internebbish says:

    Next to virtual valerie the greatest game on the mac.

    Any chance you could create a black and white version of the Atlantis screensaver? Presumably it would be a bunch of screen grabs unless you plan to run opengl. Then again I've seen opengl run on a palm so anything's possible with enough beer and funding.