patent granted on faster-than-light communication

Hyper-light-speed antenna

The present invention has discovered the apparent existence of a new dimension capable of acting as a medium for RE signals. Initial benefits of penetrating this new dimension include sending RF signals faster than the speed of light, extending the effective distance of RF transmitters at the same power radiated, penetrating known RF shielding devices, and accelerating plant growth exposed to the by-product energy of the RF transmissions.


12 Responses:

  1. klarfax says:

    ha, this seems like something which shouldn't have been granted (but on the other hand, if it's not going to be used anyway why bother denying it)

  2. baconmonkey says:

    an invention doesn't have to work to be patented.
    This is a common misconception expolited by scam artists to give themselves credibility. "This remarkable new product is patented in 4 different countries! Buy Now!"

  3. hafnir says:

    From a brief look at the patent, what gets me is you'd think the exact conditions for this would be happening all the time on, say, the sun, or any other high energy radiating body (pulsars, etc). I think conservation of mass and energy would have to be modified if this were true, since these bodies would be radiating into the "other dimension" all the time. Ah well, I'm no PhD.