muppet feud

Apparently the Muppets were on Family Feud. Why was I not informed?

Anyway. The front-runner so far for Weirdest Muppet Moment is this. The question is: Which body part would you describe as round? The Dixie Chicks have guessed belly, face, ears, shoulders, "arse"... They don't get them all, and it goes over to the Muppets.

"Well, ah..." says Kermit. "I think the most delicate way to say this would be -- ahem -- mammary glands."

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2 Responses:

  1. merovingian says:

    Paul Simon as guest: "Fifty Ways to Love Your Lever"

    • taper says:

      Not a lie in the slightest, though a touch out of context.

      Before the opening theme, Paul Simon was backstage, being shown around by Pops, the old man muppet who seemed to serve as stage manager or possibly resident coot. Pops is showing him the levers that control the trap doors, and Paul pulls one, dropping Pops into the pit below. "Good job!" Pops shouts.

      And Paul says to the camera, "Hey, I've got fifty ways to love your lever."

      The first act after the theme was Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem doing "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover", during which Pops comes onstage, double-checks the lyrics, and then shouts back offstage, "Yeah, Paul, you got it backwards!"

      (All quotes from memory so there's some degree of paraphrase.)