more wind-walking machines

Many more pictures of those crazy walking machines... These things are so amazing, it's hard to believe they are real! Is there evidence of fakery?

Also, it looks like there are four Flash videos of them moving around, though I can only get it to play the first one.

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2 Responses:

  1. is there evidence that it's real? looks really computer animated-ish, but still very cool.

  2. naturalborn says:

    Many of the images are obviously computer graphics - the pattern on the ground is tiled.

    Still, given that very cool video showing life-size efficient conversion of up-down motion to walking motion, I'm convinced that given an appropriate budget and time he could get at least one walking across the playa. Now, if he could get it to walk against the wind, then I'd be really impressed. (This is possible in theory, but much trickier.)