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RIAA in a spin over CD copying bust

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco

"Perhaps the truth is less interesting than the facts?" asked Amy Weiss, the RIAA's Senior Vice President of Communications recently in this email to The Register.

It's a question which has baffled many of our readers, and us too. Perhaps it's a kind of Zen koan, which needs to be repeated many times before making sense. If so, we can't report any success.

But the RIAA seems to be having a few problems with the facts itself.

Yesterday it issued a press release announcing a piracy bust in New York which unearthed 421 CD-R burners.

Only there weren't 421 burners, but "the equivalent of 421 burners."

In fact, there were just 156. How did the RIAA account for this discrepancy?

"There were only 156 actual burners, but some run at very high speeds: some as high as 40x. This is well above the average speed," was the official line yesterday.


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2 Responses:

  1. nerpdawg says:

    My god.. that's so incredibly junior high school bartering math..

  2. waider says:

    I was discussing this with some friends last night. Sure, it's a fine example of the sort of underhanded trick the RIAA use to inflate their piracy claims, but I think it's of a sufficiently technical nature (yes, CD speeds can be considered technical once you start talking to non-technical people) that trying to draw peoples' attention to it is doomed to failure. The only ones who "get it" are the ones who are more than likely already convinced that the RIAA are a Bad Thing.

    Of course, I'm probably underestimating the average CD-buying person.