Mad Max

I just watched all three Mad Max movies, and I can now confirm, with confidence, that while the first two are pretty good, Beyond Thunderdome just totally, totally, totally sucks ass. Even the first third of the movie -- the only part that doesn't induce constant cringing and gagging -- is a weak re-hash of the first third The Road Warrior. Yeah, the bunjee fight was cool. But what about the other hour and forty minutes?

And what the hell is up with Bruce Spence playing the exact same character in 2 and 3 -- except that they're supposed to be different people! Geez. You know how you can tell them apart? He has better teeth in the third movie.

I am now praying they don't make another. There's only one direction a fourth movie could go: even more precocious children.

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  1. icis_machine says:

    i can't believe you are against tina turner.