Frewer Eyes More Headroom?

Matt Frewer told a chat on SCIFI.COM that he's trying to resurrect his most famous character: Max Headroom. "We're putting together a deal on a new Max Headroom project," Frewer told fans. "Then I'm doing a film with my brother. The Headroom project is still in the deal-making process, so I can't say anything about it."

Frewer played the "computer-generated" character and his human counterpart, Edison Carter, in a British TV series, TV movie and subsequent American series set "22 minutes in the future." Frewer said that he's pleasantly surprised by the character's continuing popularity. "When we were making it, we knew it was way ahead of its time," he said. "I think if it was on the air [now] it would still look cutting-edge. I don't think the network was ready for it. It made a huge splash over a short time. It went as quickly as it came. That in a way was probably a plus. It never had time to go stale. Always leave 'em wanting more."

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  1. The first time around, Max Headroom was a Reagan-Bush/Thatcher era phenomenon, which is part of the reason why it was so damned topical. I can't imagine that it would be anything less than absolutely stunning now, considering how incredibly futuristic it was, then.

    I hope they get around to doing it. I haven't even thought of Max since I was a kid.


    • zonereyrie says:

      It currently airs in the US on TechTV. I have my TiVo snarf it for me for nostolgia. :-) (BTW, '20 Minutes Into The Future')

    • jwz says:

      I watched a bit of it when TechTV started re-running it, and it was still good -- but very, very dated. The plots would stand up well today, I think, but the look of it was so 80s, with the hairspray and the eye makeup...

      • zonereyrie says:

        I wonder if it'd still be the same show if the tech level was bumped up - better CGI, etc. I don't know, maybe it'd lose something without the cheesy wireframe vector graphics maps, etc.

        I do like the proliferation of Tucker Torpedos.

      • kyronfive says:

        the plots were BRILLIANT IMHO.

      • jerronimo says:

        yeah, it's dated, but it's almost an 'alternate reality' kind of thing. I think that was one of the most innovative shows ever on tv. (well, aside from the Ernie Kovacs show.)

        It was actually the closest thing to 'cyberpunk' without any cyber. heh.

  2. kyronfive says:


  3. jwz says:

    IHNJH,IJLS "Mad Max Headroom"

    • jerronimo says:

      my first thought was, "That's not the code for bryce's lab... the code for bryce's lab was "IJ2FI"!"

      I am such a geek. heh.

      well, the true geekiness is that I almost got that for my license plate. heh.

  4. psymbiotic says:

    That rules! I'd be good to see them revive that series. Also, because of the context of the show, I wouldn't mind seeing them go to town in making it look really futuristic and "computer generated" (in contrast to a lot of other shows, movies and commercials which I feel go to far over board with CG stuff, IMO).

    Egan >:>

  5. opalexian says:

    That show was absolutely the bomb...But while I'd agree that it would thrive in today's TV market, I'd say that looking at Matt Frewer's less-than-stellar acting career post-Headroom, the comments may have been more motivated by a desire to be as well-known again as he once was. Now, he's only recognized (when he's recognized) with a smack to one's shaking head, and a 'Oh GOD, it's that Max Headroom guy!'

    If the show was anywhere near as well written as it was back then tho...*swoon*

  6. internebbish says:

    When I was in college there was a job on the employment listings board to be a programmer for the Max Headroom show. The requirement at the time was solid knowledge of 'C' programming. I was too chickenshit to pull a Scott Adams and apply as I wasn't taking my first 'C' course 'till the following semester. I know I know,
    a real programmer would have jumped at the chance.