longest one consonant words

Art Neuendorffer wrote:

S: ASSESSEES: those who are assessed
T: TETE-A-TETE: private conference of two persons.
C: COCCACEAE: spherical bacteria family
L: ALLOLALIA: aphasia in which words are spoken randomly
L: ULLALULLA: a dirge for the dead
N: NIONIINAE: tropical beetle
N: NONUNION: not belonging to a trade union
D: DIIODIDE: compound containing two atoms of iodine
P: EPOPOEIA: epic poetry
P: PIOUPIOU: flax skirts worn by Maori
K: KUKUKUKU: fierce Papuan tribe
Q: QUIAQUIA: small fusiform fish of western Atlantic
R: RIRORIRO: New Zealand Warbler
R: AURORAE: northern & southern lights
F: FEOFFEE: the person enfeoffed
B: AABAABA: species of bombardier beetle
B: OUABAIO: African arrow poison tree
Y: IYAIYAI: genus of fossil chaoborid fly.
Y: AYE-AYE: Madagascar species of lemur
B: BAOBAB: a broad-trunked Old World tropical tree
M: MAMMAE: breasts
M: MUUMUU: a long loose distributed by Hawaiian missionaries
M: MAU-MAU: anti-European secret society in colonial Kenya
Z: ZOOZOO: The wood pigeon. [Prov. Eng.]
V: EVVIVA: The cry of 'Long live (the king)'
G: G-GAUGE: model train track size
W: WEE-WEE: urine
J: JUJUY: city in NW Argentina
J: OUIJA: board(game) used to spell out supernatural messages
X: EUXOA: moth genus
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