listen to Bush scream like a chimp!

confuseme wrote:

Soundmosaic constructs an approximation of one sound out of small pieces of other sounds.

The soundmosaic algorithm is: Split the target file up into equal-sized segments, or "tiles". For each tile in the target file, find the closest match in the source files, and replace the target tile with the tile from the source files.

I've made some sample mp3s.

For the first demo, the target sound was a recording of a chimpanzee screaming, and the source files were a few short recordings from George W. Bush's public speeches. The final product is a concatenation of soundmosaic results for decreasing tile sizes, starting at a few seconds per tile (such that the first sound is a direct clip of GW's speech), and decreasing to one microsecond per tile (such that the last sound is a perfect reproduction of the chimp's scream):

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Current Music: Bush screaming like a chimp!

2 Responses:

  1. thedward says:

    If only he were really so eloquent.

  2. zapevaj says:

    My neighbor's kid started screaming in unison when I played that. Spooky.