l33t h4x0r

When I grow up, I totally want to be this dude:

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I had this cartridge, in like 1980 or something. It was pretty weak: you could do loops and move a thumb-sized pixel around the screen, but it ran out of memory before you could do anything really interesting. It filled me with prepubescent disappointment, let me tell you.

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8 Responses:

  1. icis_machine says:

    what!?! your ass didn't learn basic out of the back of 3-2-1 contact, like the rest of us?


  2. kimera says:

    Sunnyvale? So Matthew Broderick was trying to break into Atari in War Games.

  3. jcurious says:

    ahhh.. those were the days.. I don't remeber seeing the keypad for the atari.. had an atari 800 basic cartrige.. some compute mags, and some free time ;)

    thanks for the memories ;)

  4. internebbish says:

    I can't help but think this guy was a chick magnet in his heyday.

  5. pexor says:

    I learned my letters typing in games like Centurion and Maximillian B. from Antic Magazine on my Atari 800. I even had a 5.25" floppy drive and a memory expansion cartridge for that bad boy. Can you say Karateka? Mask of the Sun?

  6. retrodiva1 says:


    Great site with a fairly complete alphabetical listing of the games, screen shots, rom files, instructions and an overview of the game.

    I finally broke down and bought my 2600 about a year ago and have about 50 games now. I thought I was going to get laughed at but instead I got high fives from the guys and requests to come over and play. My personal favorites so far are Plaque Attack and Empire Strikes Back.