I have several inarticulate things to say about television

  1. Buffy's speech at the end of the latest episode was totally stupid.
  2. Everything about the latest Enterprise was totally stupid.
  3. The Osbournes is no longer funny: now they're just a bunch of screaming assholes.
  4. I think 24 has finally jumped the shark. The flat tire was, if not the last straw, then pretty damned close.
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6 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    you watch too much TV.

  2. Yeah, but "Firefly" is getting better and better.

  3. She could have said, ``We will face our darkest fears and pleasantly acknowledge them, achieving a reasonable and well-balanced sense of self [...] we will hunt down Evil and ask it to please take a Vicoden and chill out a little, so as to not disturb the delicate metaphysical cold war of existence, which is in place for its benefit as much as anything else's.''

    Which is probably be a more realistic prophesy, but as a rousing speach, it lacks a certain something.

    (And when has Enterprise not been totally stupid?)

    • king_mob says:

      I literally only gave Enterprise a chance until the first time I heard the theme music. That made my brain try to crawl out of my head, and I never tried to watch it again.