gaze into my crystal ball

You know that story about some guy being arrested for taking photos of the VP's hotel? You know, the one you've seen reposted a dozen times in the last 48 hours?

My prediction: 2600 made the whole thing up. Every version of the story I've seen traces directly back to them, and they haven't printed a true word in their entire weenie career.

Besides, nobody, not even a redneck cop, uses the word "pinko."

PS plz don't hax0r me thx.

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7 Responses:

  1. merrill says:

    I'm so with you on this.

  2. rpkrajewski says:

    ...but I've already been warned about it.

    Self-righteousness is the newest (or oldest) spectator sport.

  3. icis_machine says:

    "PS plz don't hax0r me thx. "

    how could they will all your fuxored hw? at best they'd have to fix it first, then haxor.

  4. i have heard nothing about this guy. link please.

    also, i have used the word "pinko" regularly for years. i used to call <lj user="zombified"> "pinko scum" all the time. what's wrong with the word?