Downloadable Dictator Cards

Downloadable Dictator Cards

Not to be confused with the Friendly Dictator Trading Cards from 1990, these have both newer and historical figures. Plus a card game...


2 Responses:

  1. zapevaj says:

    I feel slighted. He forgot Josip Broz Tito and George W. Bush.

  2. This reminds of a discussion I heard once where someone was suggesting that the Israeli-Palestine conflict could be solved if they put down the guns, bombs and tanks and played a game of Magic: The Gathering. I then felt I should point out that they'd just start shooting again as soon as someone tapped a land card.

    Semi-seriously, though, the Middle East Situation is ripe for Collectible Card Game Parody. Possibly something between Magic, Junta and Illuminati: New World Order. With lots of oil and Weapons Of Mass Destruction tokens. And maybe a "Your Leader Looks Like a Monkey" card.