Dali Clock, week one.

An update to last week's retrocomputing adventure: the Mac ("Model M0001"!) has been running Dali Clock like a trooper since last week, except for having inexplicably crashed once. (But hey, four days is still probably a record uptime for a Mac, right?)

But I'm sad to report that it can't keep time worth a damn: it's running ten minutes ahead already! After four days! That's pretty bad.

(Wait, I'll just run NTP. Right after I get TCP and PPP going.)

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3 Responses:

  1. ivorjawa says:

    Personal computer clocks are fairly notorious for having hideous drift. In the 80s, it was a lot worse.

    If I remember correctly, a lot of machines keep a soft clock that is only updated from the RTC at boot. (Does the original Mac have a hardware, battery-backed clock? I don't recall. I do remember buying a combination clock and 512K expansion card for my Amiga 500.)

    • jerronimo says:

      the Mac 128, 512, and plus all have battery backed clocks. There's a removable panel on the back that lets you replace the battery for it.

      Bigtime bummer that it loses time so quick. sounds about as bad as a Kodak/DEC Kims station. heh.

  2. malokai says:

    use a radio and the NIST 60hz radio frequency? and record it?

    mind you, that would prolly take some cycles..