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For no reason I can possibly justify, I rewrote my bookmarks page to use CSS instead of frames. It's kind of neat that you can simulate a frameset with a single HTML document now. Of course, there are bugs.
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  1. ralesk says:

       Perhaps it's of interest, the scrollbar bug never occured on Mozilla:QNX [Mozilla/5.0 (Photon; U; QNX x86pc; en-US; rv:0.9.8) Gecko/20020418], also are the scrollbars properly placed and not 1-1px longer than wanted (that's how I saw on a rv:1.2.1 Win32 Mozilla yesterday.).

       Also a weird thing, some objects, IFRAMEs for example, when put in a TD without padding (forced padding: 0px;), are likely to collide with an upper TD or the one to the left (experienced on http://www.digievkonyv.hu/v3/), and neither does that make sense to me, nor does Mozilla like these occasions enough to display the rest of the page, but stops rendering.  Meanwhile, our little favourite IE bounds itself to the padding rules, and obeys proper 0px (and the 1px I set later to get around the Mozilla bug.).

    • ralesk says:

         Here's a screenshot from the bookmark page in mentioned QNX Mozilla.  And here's one taken in Win32 Mozilla 1.2.1.

         That overhang of scrollbar was seen in the example URL of the bug report.  Sorry there.

  2. ronbar says:

    I just use Mozilla 1.0-- the default for debian testing. Hell of a lot less buggy.

    When 1.2 actually works, I guess debian testing will go to it and I'll be using that.