a film far superior to Beyond Thunderdome


Armed with machine guns, dumb platinum blond PHAYRAYS, ruthless brunet SATANAS and ill-tempered redheaded TEMPESTS battle each other among the ruins of Femphis, over a dissipating supply of lipstick and ammo. All try to stay out of the reach of the deadly skulking cavemen.

[...] As direct descendants of 1950's burlesque stars, the Superstarlets wear their grand- mothers film reels mounted on their backs like halo's. The story concerns Naomi's quest in life: to find and watch her ancestral film. Naomi and Rachel search ancient movie theatres bearing only the title "Funny Pages" to guide them. Most theatres house only cavemen and intrigue.

It's somewhat better drunk with the sound down, but even with the sound up, it features a total lack of precocious children.

Thank you, Ron!

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9 Responses:

  1. holy CHRIST, i need to see this.

  2. neschek says:

    For some weird reason the description of this film is reminding me of The American Astronaut.

    I believe it also lacked children.

    • jwz says:

      I haven't seen that movie, but The Billy Nayer Show are really, really great live. It's been too many years since I've seen them.

      • neschek says:

        Yow, if you get a chance you oughta. I caught it at the Vic myself; and since the Vic has a tendency to repeat itself it's possible it'll show up there again. Highly recommended.

  3. atakra says:

    It's as if the Subtonix had actually made a movie before they broke up!

  4. chromebishop says:

    I showed this film about four times at the Jezebel's MicroCinema last year. As well as JMM's earlier (and superior) feature THE SORE LOSERS (rockabilly aliens come to earth to kill hippies, featuring a very cool appearance by Guitar Wolf shooting rays out of their eyes and plenty of hair pulling cat fights...).
    I've also got a copy of his ELVIS MEETS THE BEATLES which sounds better as a synopsis than it actually is.
    Theres a very good chance these will play again in the near future as I find the B movie trash cinema stuff does pretty well here. I highly recommend you check out RADIO FREE STEVE and FUCKED IN THE FACE next time they are on the calendar too.


    oh, and we just confirmed Bruce Campbell will be here at the IndieFest this February! Yay!

  5. retrodiva1 says:

    Ok wait a minute that first chick looks like Eerie. Now I have to see if she's been moonlighting or something. She was at DNA on halloween as Elvira. Not to be confused with Lori who was dressed as Vampirica. Tee hee... too many ira's if you ask me.

  6. ronbar says:

    What do you have against precocious children? I myself am one.