'83 Sentra w/ wooden spoiler and body kit

just think, you could attach bumper stickers with staples

"This auction is for a 1983 2 door Datsun Sentra with a custom body kit and spoiler made of wood. It started out with the spoiler and then I just had to make the rest. This car gets more attention than any Ferrari and is pretty famous around here."


5 Responses:

  1. nerpdawg says:

    OH.. oh god.

    That's both totally retarded and absolutely brilliant at once.

    If I met whoever thought that up, I wouldn't know whether to
    slap them silly or buy them dinner.

  2. badger says:

    Guess it's hard to get quality entertainment in Utah.

  3. elthar says:

    Maybe it gets more attention than any Ferrari because it LOOKS LIKE HELL! I'm amazed they found a way to make that car uglier.

  4. flipzagging says:

    "My car doesn't need detailing! Those are ACTUAL FLAMES!!"

  5. xunker says:

    Wow, lurk around someones' journal and look what you find.. I drive past that that car every day during lunch -- the owner is usually driving it home from high-school when I see it... and yes, it is every bit as cool as it looks.

    I've talked to him and apparently this is the reason he failed wood shop -- the assignment was to build a bookshelf and instead he built a "bookshelf wing" (a slang derogotory term used in reference to those double-decker rear spoilers seen on way too many Civics and Eclipsen).

    The funniest part is that he really can't take it on the freeway in any reliable way because the turbulence around the rear tires has a habit of ripping the rear skirt loose.