RIAA hax0red again

RIAA to shut down

The RIAA today continued its war on the pirates which plague the music industry. It has decided to turn its attention to the real pirates: the ones that make millions from the artists they claim to represent, while screwing them out of their money. To this end, the RIAA will shut down at the beginning of January. Bye bye!

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a film far superior to Beyond Thunderdome


Armed with machine guns, dumb platinum blond PHAYRAYS, ruthless brunet SATANAS and ill-tempered redheaded TEMPESTS battle each other among the ruins of Femphis, over a dissipating supply of lipstick and ammo. All try to stay out of the reach of the deadly skulking cavemen.

[...] As direct descendants of 1950's burlesque stars, the Superstarlets wear their grand- mothers film reels mounted on their backs like halo's. The story concerns Naomi's quest in life: to find and watch her ancestral film. Naomi and Rachel search ancient movie theatres bearing only the title "Funny Pages" to guide them. Most theatres house only cavemen and intrigue.

It's somewhat better drunk with the sound down, but even with the sound up, it features a total lack of precocious children.

Thank you, Ron!

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I woke up angry. And then I read my email. And now I'm angrier.

What the fuck are you looking at?

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Mad Max

I just watched all three Mad Max movies, and I can now confirm, with confidence, that while the first two are pretty good, Beyond Thunderdome just totally, totally, totally sucks ass. Even the first third of the movie -- the only part that doesn't induce constant cringing and gagging -- is a weak re-hash of the first third The Road Warrior. Yeah, the bunjee fight was cool. But what about the other hour and forty minutes?

And what the hell is up with Bruce Spence playing the exact same character in 2 and 3 -- except that they're supposed to be different people! Geez. You know how you can tell them apart? He has better teeth in the third movie.

I am now praying they don't make another. There's only one direction a fourth movie could go: even more precocious children.

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everything's all busticated

I hate computers and I miss my girlfriend.

Here are all the things that have gone wrong since last night:

  1. RealVideo went down for most of a day, because Groovefactory is changing colo facilities (surprise!)

  2. All of the lower-bitrate DNA audio streams (totally unrelated to RealVideo or GrooveFactory) have gone all chipmunk-voiced: they're playing too fast, meaning the data is corrupted. Bandwidth problem? Load problem? I can't tell. Reducing connections and load seemed to improve matters, but then it went bad again without the load having gone up, so maybe it was a coincidence.

  3. Bandwidth between the club and the outside world has gotten erratic (ping times fluctuating from 4ms to 50ms over the T1.) Perhaps this is the cause of #2? Oh ho ho, you would think: except the 128k stream has always been fine, and that's the only one that passes over the wire: it's only the lower bitrate ones that are going crazy, and they are generated internally to that machine from the 128k stream.

  4. GimpNet (the IRC network that irc.dnalounge.com is on) has totally lost its mind.

I swear, in my world, there is never only one thing going wrong at once. Can you get sunspots at night?

Maybe I'll try rebooting things at random.

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