I, for one, welcome our new robot masters.


Haven't you always wanted to have a robotic arm straight off a factory floor grab you and shake you around like a kitten playing with a mouse? Sure you have!
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"More Thin-Lipped Prognostications Of Doom"

Mark Morford wrote:
Dick Cheney said he is almost certain that terrorists will attack the US again. "It's not a matter of if, but when," he muttered, generously doing his part to instill an ongoing and odious sense of dread and fear in the culture so as to keep the money pumping into the military-industrial complex and keep the war churning so as to create a nice, docile Afghanistan over which we can more easily lay our oil pipelines sans resistance from pesky environmentalists or strong-willed independent governments, as well as to ensure an ongoing and generous supply of Cheney's regular rat-blood transfusions and various injectable chemical compounds which serve to keep his thin twisted little lips from simply turning all the way inward and devouring the last remaining grain of his soul. "Lockstep support of every decision I make regarding the loss of your civil liberties and the ramrodding of a goddamn tank and nuclear warhead into every orifice of your pathetic little life is the only answer to properly defending ourselves in this time of need and patriotic whatever," he might've added. "God bless America."
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which store sucks least?

Where should I buy CDs and DVDs now that CDnow has been absorbed by the Amazon juggernaut?

(I won't give Amazon my money because I don't approve of software patents, and a few years ago, they patented the act of ordering and shipping an item with a single click. More recently, they are attempting to patent having multiple shopping carts for a single user.)

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your name in pee

Pee Mail

Inter Face

This is pretty neat -- wag the mouse and click around:


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