I, for one, welcome our new robot masters.

Honda Shows Off Upgraded Walking Robot

[...] The four-foot-tall machine, shown to reporters Wednesday, already knew how to walk, climb stairs and recognize voices. An upgraded version now also understands human gestures and movement. The upgraded robot turns its bubble-shaped head to follow the moves of nearby people, giving it a communicative, ready-to-help appearance.

Asimo uses the visual information taken by a camera in its head to recognize 10 different preprogrammed faces and will call out that person's name. "It won't follow strangers," says Honda chief engineer Yoshiaki Sakagami.

[...] In a demonstration at Honda headquarters in Tokyo, the new robot understood where a person is pointing and moved in that direction. "I will go where you instruct," it said in a childish electronic voice.

If a person circles an arm above the head, the robot understands it is being summoned. Wave, and it waves back.

Asimo -- a name based on the Japanese word for "legs" -- can stop or walk backward to avoid an approaching person. And it connects to a wireless computer server to recite information about cars.

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how does linux suck? let me count the ways

Check out this totally random way my machine has decided to misbehave today:

As far as I can tell, it's as if every GL request to draw a polygon has been shifted by one point: so if it was trying to draw ABCD, it is instead drawing BCDE. This happens for every GL program. Why? How? Who knows. Maybe if I reboot, it will go away. I haven't seen this particular insanity before. I've seen shading randomly stop working on scenes that have a second light source; I've seen the back buffer vanish; I've seen DRI turn itself off; I've seen attack ships on fire... no wait, that wasn't me. It does this kind of thing totally at random. I've even had the video card (a G450) get into failure modes where the only way to un-fuck it has been to power the machine down: rebooting was insufficient. Happy happy joy joy.

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