Kundalini wants his hand back

Mel Gibson to Return as 'Mad Max'

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Mel Gibson will earn almost $25 million to return to the "Mad Max" franchise for a fourth time, Hollywood trade paper Daily Variety said in its Tuesday edition.

The $104 million project, called "Fury Road," will start shooting in Australia next May. [...] George Miller, who directed and co-wrote the first three films, will direct "Fury Road" from a script he has been crafting for the past three years, the paper said.

It did not reveal plot details other than to note that "Mad" Max Rockatansky will once again roam the lawless, post-apocalyptic Australian outback.

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Dentist scales tree to fix molar

[ BTW, if you are amused by Gonzo Dentistry, you really must see the movie "Eversmile, New Jersey" ]

Dentist scalestree to fix molar

A protester who has lived in a tree for more than five weeks has received a visit from a dentist.

He has occupied the oak tree for 39 days and had to call a dentist when he broke a molar while eating an energy bar.

Quigley is perched 46 feet up in the tree which he's trying to save from a developer's road-widening project.

He broke the upper left molar last week. Dr Michel said she couldn't install a permanent crown while in the tree. Instead she applied a sedative substance that hardened over the break and soothed the pain. Afterward, Quigley said, "It feels a lot better."

Los Angeles County has called for the oak to be uprooted so Pico Canyon Road can be widened from two lanes to four to accommodate future development west of Santa Clarita. The tree was originally going to be cut down. Protests led to a plan to move it, but Quigley and other activists don't think it would survive relocation.

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