today's pop culture update

So we're in the car listening to the radio, which is, as always, true horror. Some pathetic Green Day song comes on. I make my traditional gag for such situations, "I'm glad they're finally playing some old school punk!" rzr_grl says, "these guys are about as punk as Violent Femmes." I ponder. "No. XTC." She says, "Daaamn, that's harsh." I say, "It's totally true! This crap could be Mayor of Simpleton!"

Also, why are The Donnas famous? Is it just because they're a chick band? Musically, they're KISS.

Also, the "new" Nirvana song sounds more like Creed than Nirvana.

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gaze into my crystal ball

You know that story about some guy being arrested for taking photos of the VP's hotel? You know, the one you've seen reposted a dozen times in the last 48 hours?

My prediction: 2600 made the whole thing up. Every version of the story I've seen traces directly back to them, and they haven't printed a true word in their entire weenie career.

Besides, nobody, not even a redneck cop, uses the word "pinko."

PS plz don't hax0r me thx.

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