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Pin-striped tumble wins Bad Sex prize

The 'most dreaded literary prize' has been won by Wendy Perriam for a description of pin-striped sex in her novel Tread Softly.

The annual Literary Review Bad Sex prize is awarded to the worst description of sex in a contemporary novel. This year's winner includes the lines "Weirdly, he was clad in pin-stripes at the same time as being naked. Pin-stripes were erotic, the uniform of fathers, two-dimensional fathers. Even Mr Hughes's penis had a seductive pin-striped foreskin."

"Coming a close second" was Nicolas Coleridge for a passage in his novel Godchildren, in which he describes a man stroking his lover "like a groom reassuring a frightened foal". [...]


get your invest on

About the PWP:

The Perpetual War Portfolio is an evenly weighted basket of five stocks poised to succeed in the age of perpetual war. The stocks were selected on the basis of popular product lines, strong political connections and lobbying efforts, and paid-for access to key Congressional decision makers.


amazing pictures of Kilauea lava flows

Nov 3-15 2002:

"Western finger of east arm of Mother's Day flow has entered Highcastle kipuka, setting small bushes on fire at base of vegetated tumulus."

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Vampire Population Ecology

Vampire Population Ecology

Let's assume the following:

  • Sunnydale's human population growth rate is 10% annually, which is at the high end for a budding California community.
  • A vampire feeds every three days, and encounters about one hundred potential victims in the course of a day, meaning that 1 out of every 300 encounters involves a little refreshment.
  • An individual vampire sires a victim every other year, or once per 240 feedings.
  • Buffy and her Slayerettes, busy little beavers that they are, annually stake about 1/3 of the vampires plaguing Sunnydale.
  • Vampires are flocking to Sunnydale, since the Hellmouth is the underwordly equivalent of Silicon Valley, and the demon labor market is just too good to be true. Thus, we'll assume a yearly migration rate of about 10%, or the same as for the humans.

[... The math starts off only slightly intimidating, but then gets downright scary. Don't skip out before the surprise attractor at the end ...]

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I'm enjoying this season's "24", but I really think they should have renamed the show "18" and excised the whole child-abuse sub-plot. It's just hopelessly stupid, and every time they cut back to it, I pray for Kim to get bonked on the head and spend the rest of the day/season unconscious.
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