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When I grow up, I totally want to be this dude:

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I had this cartridge, in like 1980 or something. It was pretty weak: you could do loops and move a thumb-sized pixel around the screen, but it ran out of memory before you could do anything really interesting. It filled me with prepubescent disappointment, let me tell you.

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shocking! courts fail to throw money at drunken dumbass!

'Girls Gone Wild' Producers Win Lawsuit

ORLANDO, Fla. Nov. 27 -- A federal judge ruled that the makers of a sexually explicit video series did not violate the privacy rights of a 17-year-old girl who flashed her breasts to a cameraman.

U.S. District Judge Anne Conway ruled Tuesday against the plaintiff, saying Veronica Lane consented to the filming and distribution of her image and likeness even though she was just 17 years old.

Lane was seeking unspecified damages, arguing the film, its creators, producers and distributors had violated her right to privacy and had cast her in a false light by including her in the "Sexy Sorority Sisters" video.

Conway ruled that the defendant, Mantra Films, which produces the "Girls Gone Wild" videos, did not have to compensate Lane for using her likeness in the videos.

In September 1999, Lane and a friend flashed their breasts to a cameraman. Lane later contended that she did not know that her image would be used in a commercial video.

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boob scarves

What else can I say but "boob scarves"

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