what to get the yakuza who has everything

Plastic pinkies help yakuza sever ties with underworld

[...] "How's the finger's hardness?" she asks a 37-year-old former wiseguy we'll call Taro who is sitting in Arute's office. While still in the mob, he cut off his left little finger in front of his boss to show the remorse he felt for bungling investments made on behalf of the gang.

He left the underworld five years ago and used a fake little finger to hide his past from a would-be boss. As he works in a manual job, he's already had Arute make him four fake fingers to cope with the way they are quickly ground down because he's constantly rubbing the fake digits against the stump of what had been his real one.

Arute uses silicon to make prosthetic body parts for the disabled or maimed. Fukushima became a prosthetic technician at 21, worked for a while in Hollywood and then learned special effects from an Australian living in Japan.

[...] In the wake of the law's passage and the onslaught of the economic downturn that struck the underworld as hard as any other sector of Japanese society, growing numbers of yakuza gave up their life of crime in favor of something more acceptable. Missing fingers, however, prevented many of them from finding legitimate work. [...]