That Darn Hephaestus

Bulldozers work to construct a wall against the scalding river of lava creeping down the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily, Sunday, Nov. 24, 2002, toward the 'Rifugio Sapienza' a refuge for hikers and tourists. By evening, the lava had rolled down to about 250 meters from the complex. Rocked by two earthquakes (news - web sites) five minutes apart Sunday, frightened people raced out of their homes on Mount Etna's slopes, where a thick river of lava was rolling toward a refuge for hikers and tourists. (AP Photo/Fabrizio Villa)

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3 Responses:

  1. king_mob says:

    Best subject-line ever.

  2. naturalborn says:

    Wow, I'd have sworn that that picture was CG if it didn't come from a news source.

  3. ex_niwi603 says:

    Vesuvius is also supposed to blow again at any minute, I think. The pictures of the petrified people and dogs from Pompeii/Herculaneum have always given me nightmares.