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"The Subjugator is truly a mean machine. It weighs 5000 lbs, is capable of lifting 1500 lbs, can shoot a 15 foot stream of fire, and measures 16 feet tall with its claw pointed straight up. It started life as a Bobcat excavator, but little besides its steel-tracked base remains from this original incarnation. A 37 horsepower V-4 indusrial engine breathes life into this beast, running twin hydraulic systems while nestled into a continuous perimeter frame which also serves as the machine's 31-gallon hydraulic reservoir. The custom-built three-fingered claw is mounted on two bus axle bearings, making it capable of free rotation in either direction, even while carrying heavy loads. While other machines may fail in the intensely violent atmosphere of a machine show, rare is the performance in which the Subjugator is not able to drive away under its own power when the burning embers settle."

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4 Responses:

  1. q says:

    Where, exactly, do people get the money and time to rip apart a Bobcat for artistic purposes?

  2. merovingian says:

    I saw this guy out in Black Rock City. It's pretty impressive.

  3. jagger says:

    one of the scutters from red dwarf. albeit a bit bigger and meaner.