Oxford student killed in catapult stunt

Oxford student killed in catapult stunt

By Simon de Bruxelles, Lewis Smith and Alan Hamilton

A STUDENT at Oxford University has died after a spectacular human catapult stunt went wrong.

Dino Yankov, 19, a member of a dangerous sports club, fell short of a safety net after being fired 100ft through the air from a copy of a medieval siege engine known as a trebuchet. [...]

Mr Yankov and 20 other members of the Oxford Stunt Factory, which is not an official university club, travelled to Middlemoor Water Park at Woolavington near Bridgwater, Somerset, on Sunday to experience being thrown by the machine in an arc into a safety net. Witnesses said that he was the sixth member of his party to be thrown by the machine, but fell short. He struck the side of the safety net and fell 30ft to the ground. [...]

A spokesman for the Oxford Stunt Factory said that the club was "devastated" by the accident. "The net is the size of a tennis court, so why it didn't catch him I have no idea," the spokesman said. "Other people had been on it before, and it was fine. It had been tested; all the safety checks and test weights had been done to judge distances, and then this happened." [...]

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4 Responses:

  1. owen says:

    I forwarded that link to you, if you're interested in my LJ.

  2. xtremesaints says:

    *nods* I don't really understand why students would want to try out dangerous sports like this. It obviously haven't been tested thoroughly, and the student paid so much just to be thrown to his death. That, and there had been injuries on that machine before...one'd think they'd learn...

  3. rasp_utin says:

    Damn it all, a trebuchet and a catapult are two entirely different things! ;)