I finally got around to listening to Notes From Thee Real Underground (volume 1, apparently: it's a 3 disc box) and there's a lot of good stuff on it! I'd say that about half of these songs would make me buy the band's album. That's a pretty good ratio for a comp.
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  1. vincel says:

    I'm glad to hear that someone's had a decent compilation experience this week. Unlike mine.

  2. it's always good when people discover new unsigned bands and all, but i still think the whole notes operation is pretty shady.

    when i met martin at the pigface show last december, he talked to me for twenty minutes about my band, label issues, blah blah blah and whathaveyou, and asked for a demo. my thought was "awesome, he'll listen to it and maybe he'll be interested". what actually happened was that my contact info got put in a pile to be solicited directly to be on the notes compilations, which costs a fair amount of money, and i was basically told that they wouldn't listen to it if i wasn't going to be on the comp.

    that sounds an awful lot like a "pay-to-play" proposition to me, and i'm not very comfortable with it.

    they've been pushing the idea, hard, by putting "notes" bands on other comps they've been putting out lately, and they have actually signed a few. but i don't like the idea of giving a label a few hundred dollars to consider putting out my stuff.

    • drkscrtlv says:

      I read something about Ozzfest charging its bands 70k to be on the bill. And it's probably worth it.

      A few hundred bucks, partially for promotion, partially for some cds of your own, seems reasonable enough for a comp like this, especially after you read what they say about having little time and only having five people to take care of a ton of bands. Looks like they're aiming at already established bands who want another boost in promotion rather than taking raw talent and developing it, anyway.

      The way I see it is, at least they're being honest about how they'll take money from you. None of this "advance" bs, and if it fails, you're out a few hundred bucks, not a few hundred thousand.

  3. atakra says:

    I've been listening to the whole comp and the band who I liked the most was Bozo Porno Circus. Then there were some generally OK bands that escape me.
    BUT I hated all the tracks by Voudou although I thought they were somewhat bearable live.
    Overall it was a great investment of $8.

    • atakra says:

      Upon a second listen I think that discs 2 & 3 are actually better than disc 1. With possibly disc 3 being my favorite with a second listen.
      Flowers and Machines, The Strand, and The Narcissus Pool being my favorite bands on the comp.