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The Colossal Colon

The Colossal Colon is a 40-foot long, four-foot high replica of a human colon. Visitors who crawl through the colon, or look through the viewing windows, will see healthy colon tissue, colon disease, polyps and various stages of colon cancer. The Colon was modeled after a real colon taken from colonoscopy film footage, and was built by Adirondack Scenic, known for their building of Broadway theatre sets and theme park sets.
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3 Responses:

  1. LOL
    i am taking my kid to that!

    San Francisco, CA
    Wednesday, June 25 -- Saturday, June 28


  2. mrmustard says:

    I don't know why there isn't more stuff like this in the world. When I was a kid I walked through the giant heart in the Franklin museum in Philadelphia. Beats watching the Chucky Cheese automatons singing "achy breaky heart."

  3. baconmonkey says:

    Where is the Avocado?